accredited training and certification agency



These standards are protected by copyright law. They are intended for professional members of RSI and educational activities of RSI.

RSI gives approval to use this work only for active members of RSI. The work can be used only in compliance with the license granted RSI. It is not allowed any copying or distribution without the written consent of RSI.

RSI standards and procedures to serve as a guideline for RSI assistants, supervisors, instructors and instructor trainers. These standards should be updated annually on the basis of the recommendations of the Committee consultants, licensees and members of the Board RSI.

Instructors who have the standard comments, they may submit written to RSI. RSI any comments submit to the members of the educational committee for consideration. The proposals will be further considered by all licensees and then returned to the educational commission for final approval and implementation. The educational committee RSI and its licensors reserve the right of final decision in the matter of standards and procedures for all changes approved by members of RSI.

The following conditions must be observed that the educational program can be considered a course of RSI. Failure to comply with these conditions shall be deemed as a breach of the standards and the activity will not be considered as an activity RSI.
  • All input conditions and prerequisites must be complied and documented. Before each course shall be participants learned about the educational program, conditions and course evaluation.
  • For all courses and combined programs, students must sign for each course taught all internal and general binding declarations, which are also informed of the conditions of the course and its evaluation.
  • The student must sign a declaration on their health every time elapsed longer than the three-month period between courses with an instructor for the course started, or have a serious illness or accident. Declaration of Health must sign the student whenever enrolment with another instructor.
  • Each course must be issued and used RSI training materials.
  • All training sessions must be fully completed.
  • The written test is recommended in various programs such as d control of acquired knowledge, but not required; of this form of control decides instructor.
  • Teaching in a closed water must be completed before the start of training on open water. Teaching in the pool includes an introduction, demonstration exercises for students, individual knowledge and techniques developed during the course. When combining a number of successive courses, individual skills can train during one of teaching lessons in a closed water.
  • The student must attend all teaching lessons and practice on open water. The instructor then evaluate the overall progress of the course and assess whether the participant may be granted permission.
  • All levels of the program must be observed.
  • All eligibility requirements must be complied.
  • All RSI instructors and assistants who are involved in educational programs RSI are considered representatives of RSI, regardless of what they are sister organizations.


RSI is an international training and certification organization, which was established in 1994 in the USA. Mission of the RSI is the rescue education and special rescue ingredients, spread education and safety through educational programs, which are based on professional experience associated instructors and lecturers from individual countries.


The mission of RSI is to promote the saving of human life, lead to a charge of rescue work and achieve a high standard of training in the rescue community. RSI shall use its best endeavours of honesty, respect for ethical principles, fairness and professionalism. We believe in the common principles and the laws of nature and try to live by them. Our mission we seen in the following areas:


Aim of the RSI is to promote an open dialogue between the Rescue community contain the same solutions, working methods and techniques. Give their experience to those who want to develop their rescue skills. In order to increase the safety of rescuers support freedom and simplicity of training, bringing new knowledge and methods directly from the practices that are authorized included in educational standards and procedures of RSI.


RSI is convinced that the sense of responsibility of each rescuer depends only on its professional knowledge and experience. Our intention is to pass on the sense of responsibility for a student and effective training in close partnership with the pupil and instructor.


RSI has developed educational programs to increase skill levels of rescue teams as well as individuals. All courses are trying to refill and raise their level based on reports from instructors in order to improve and enhance their value to our members and candidates. We continually expand and support a set of core values that apply to individual educational programs rescuers. RSI standards and procedures have been formulated in order to be able to approve the knowledge, experience at every level of qualification RSI worldwide.


Much of the work carried out by RSI so as to promote a sense of worldwide paramedic community. Rescue community, view of their size, requires internal cooperation in order to prosper and grow.